The marmite disgrace.

Marmite mm! deliciously slimy oh wait is not slimy oh well that’s what I thought well never mind Just another day at school minding my own business then as soon as I got out of class I heard this. “Did you hear about that new marmite guys? “Yeah it’s disgusting” “It’s too slimy,” oh so they think it’s slimy oh well I think I should talk to them. “hey! why do you think marmite disgusting huh” it’s too slimy it always falls out of my sandwich” No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite what am I doing oh this is a disgrace” “I think we should get out of here right guys” “oh yeah definitely” “yeah, we are gonna go yeah bye” “Oh, what did I do. This is the worst a really bad disgrace”