The boy who likes marmite, and the Girl who thinks marmite is not her cup of tea.

‘No, he said ,’I like Marmite.’…
Once there was  time  when everyone loved marmite except one girl. And yes, that girl was me. Then there was a boy who would even sacrifice his life for marmite.(Typical) The girl(Arin) and the boy(Max) they hated each other. So they would always get in a fight, Day or Night...One day Arin decided to convince Max to make him say that he hates Marmite. So Arin dialed Max's number and they decided to meet by the playground. Arin asked Max to say he hates Marmite and  that if he says so, she will also say that she loves marmite. Max refused but instead 'No, he said, 'I like Marmite.'...* (I am not this cruel)

The following steps.

There possibly couldn’t  be no-one following me..


I feel someone following me vigilantly on a early morning.

I turn around only to see my foot prints but nothing else.

I move forward. I constantly hear the foot prints of someone sinking in the snow.

This time I turn around soft but swiftly, but the only thing I could only see the moonlight shining down on me.

I wonder what it could’ve been.

But I was sure with one thing. Someone; at least SOMETHING was following me. . . .

I do have someone it mind but no. . It couldn’t have been it. No . .