100wc week 26 Anthony

A Pot of Marmite

‘Welcome sir to our A+ restaurant’, ‘here you can try foods for free’, ‘on the meau you can order what you want first’. He pointed at meau and he said, ‘Can I have this please.’ ‘here you go sir’, ‘buttered toast he said.’ No’, he said, ‘I like marmite.’ The waiter said ‘Sorry sir we have no marmite’, ‘I WANT MARMITE SO GO GET IT NOW!’ ‘he said with horror’‘okay sir’ said the waiter, ‘THE TIME IS TIKING’ he sprinted with horror to go to his car to get marmite. ‘Get out the way I’m going to my marmite’. ‘Here you go sir a pot of marmite.’ ‘Yum’, then he puked. Never mind I hate marmite.

100WC 12/3/21 Anthony

I was doing a job cleaning a swamp to a lake then a group of alligators surrounding me. I was petrified. huh, what was that? ”A roar came from a distance. A huge white striped belly leaped over my head, and I hopped to its side. It wiped its enormous paws, Shing! It kills with one hit. Then I saw what was a white striped tiger ROAR! THAT HUMAN FLESH IS MINE the orange one spoke first then the white tiger spoke NO! IT’S MINE. I was frightened the tiger could speak, HALF OK! SURE! No No i’m too young!