100wc week 26

There Once was a boy who loved Vegemite. But He hated marmite. His mum would always 24/7 have to make Vegemite on toast before school for him. But if he wasn’t eating Vegemite on toast he would be sleeping. he loves sleeping, he would sleep while eating his Vegemite on toast. These are the only things he would do. Then his mum suggested that he could  try some marmite. so he did. The next morning, his mum asked him do you want your every-day Vegemite on toast?”No, said the boy I like marmite instead.

100wc week 26 Kennice

“ Do you prefer jam? ”My mum asked the youngest twins. Today the younger twins(dark blue and pink ) graduation and we were throwing a party with all our relatives at 6 pm sharp.I am among us red (the older sister). “No,” he said “I like marmite.” “ Let’s go now, children.” Dad said. We sat for 24 hours( well I thought  it was) and then they started saying colours in alphabetical order “Brown, Blue, Cyan, Dark blue”. I clapped as hard as I could. They continued and said “Pink” . Pink is very shy. If she didn’t  come up she wouldn’t graduate! Dad whispered to me this “psst. Help your sister there.” “ I want to but I can’t.” I Whispered back


marmite toast

Marmite toast

RING! RING! *yawn* “Time for breakfast,I made you honey toast with-”

“NO”,he said, “I LIKE MARMITE. TAKE IT OFF NOW!” shouting horrifically  loud

“Ok,i’ll take it off” his mum said shamefully… LATER

“Time for school”

“NO, I DON’T WANT TO GO TO  SCHOOL!”  “You have to,I need to go to work soon “ she argued “NO NO NO NO NO!!!!” he screeched “you will, and you have to!” “FINE,I’LL GO TO SCHOOL” he let out a hisss “good, now walk to school”  “nooooooooo, arg I hate school and walking to school….


100wc week 26 Bonnie

…’no’, he said, ‘I like Marmite’…

“ Dear, you like peanut butter on your toast, don’t you?” 

“no” he said, “I like marmite, mum.”

“but you haven’t even tried peanut bu-” 


 “ok ok ”. As I crunched on my marmite toast, I thought, what does peanut butter taste like?


 The next day (monday) as I wandered of to school with Chad (i’m Jeremy) I asked “Chad, what does peanut butter taste like?”

 “really good” he replied. 

“I’ve never tried it” I said, while thinking, maybe I should. When I got home, I pulled out the jar of peanut butter, covered a spoon in it, and had a taste.   


100wc week 26# Owen


…No’, he said, l like marmite.’…


Hooooot! went the trumpet it was a foggy day bammm! went the canno what cannons? it was too late. Sharp carrots came flying up the vegetables were attacking! We loaded honey into the cannons.” No, he said I like marmite”. A figure stood in the shadows and we realized it was the general.

We loaded in the marmite fire! Shouted the caption the cannon exploded the vegetables castle yess! We shouted but that didn’t last long.The vegetables road on wolves the piercing howl filled our ears with fear clip clomp robots!

We were in big dodo