marmite week 26 Hayden

“I ripped off my covers and bolted down the stairs into the kitchen. But to my surprise my little brother was already down there. He normally sleeps in. I leaped into the kitchen, swinging the fridge door open, I grabbed the marmite. But there was not much left. so I smothered the marmite all over my school sandwich my little brother was watching me as I was doing it. And he knew I had to do his. When he was distracted I snached the vegemite. And watched it oosse out of the jar. 


That day at school I heard him scream” “no he said, I want marmite”.  

100wc 2021


Too young lad’s were bloodsheding the bluecoat because the marmite was telling them so. After they bloodshed the bluecoat they started arguing about how they like marmite ‘NO’ I like marmite more than you blockhead! Then the other lad shoved the other kid up the drainage pipe and he died. Hooray! I never actually liked that guy anyway heh dork! Bravo! Bravo! Said the marmite staring at the spark in the little blue eye’s of the kid. Your prize is to absorb my marmite/blood only half of it. So he slurped and slurped until half of it was gone. The marmite turned ashy then he

shot down on the ground with a thud.                         

Hi, I’m the weird kid in school. My name is Basil, Basil Fawlty.

A Lot of people in my school have weird names like ford, broccoli, tennis, turkeyface, and the school bully hero. You might think the hero should be the good guy but boy are you wrong, he is one of those kids who take people’s lunch money, gives people wedgies, and is a goody-two-shoes around the teachers. But enough about him, let’s talk about marmite. She is the cutest girl in school, the other day hero said to me “hey loser go play with the nerds.” but I decided to say “no I like marmite,” what was I thinking?



Table wars


Characters: Bob the boy and jessie the girl (the boys lines are in capseins) and the girls lines aren’t


‘No’ he said I like Marmite so give it now, naa I’m fine ‘Give it now or I will bring the peanut butter’ No don’t bring the peanut butter It could destroy the marmite. ‘If you give it the peanut butter it will be smashed’ fine i’ll give it but… BANG! The toast bomb was released ‘ the end is near’.hahaha yes it is boy yes it is, ‘No its not I’ll end this war for now or am I’4

100wc week 26 Anthony

A Pot of Marmite

‘Welcome sir to our A+ restaurant’, ‘here you can try foods for free’, ‘on the meau you can order what you want first’. He pointed at meau and he said, ‘Can I have this please.’ ‘here you go sir’, ‘buttered toast he said.’ No’, he said, ‘I like marmite.’ The waiter said ‘Sorry sir we have no marmite’, ‘I WANT MARMITE SO GO GET IT NOW!’ ‘he said with horror’‘okay sir’ said the waiter, ‘THE TIME IS TIKING’ he sprinted with horror to go to his car to get marmite. ‘Get out the way I’m going to my marmite’. ‘Here you go sir a pot of marmite.’ ‘Yum’, then he puked. Never mind I hate marmite.