I wonder what he does?

Oh look, a guy in a tuxedo!  I wonder who built it in my land because this is my house!  I don’t like it. I am going to take this down this instant.  WAIT where have my crops gone they were just here!  How did it all disappear in one go?  I promise there were crops. I can name them all tomatoes , apples, wait why are there so many birds in the sky?  OH NO they stole the crops I was just going to harvest.  What a disaster!  So the blue statue was actually useful? 


One thought on “I wonder what he does?”

  1. It was very clever of you to consider the role of the statue as a scarecrow, Lucas. I can tell you really looked at the picture from the prompt to get inspiration for your story. I love all the descriptions of colours and plants as it makes it very easy for me to imagine. Keep up the good work, Lucas!

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