farmer brown


MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH. There goes my lunch said farmer brown “pumpkin pie and carrot stew”.  The next day farmer Brown was watching the crow’s eating his food. Farmer Brown said I’m getting rid of those bird’s if it’s the last thing I’ll do! So then it took him all day long to build his final magnum opus  YES! THE SCARECROW WITH A GRAY FLANNEL. He hammered it into the ground. The next day he saw no sight of the birds circling around in the sky. YES!  It worked then from that day on he ate pumpkin pie carrot stew outside in the bird’s face.   

2 thoughts on “farmer brown”

  1. Hi Isaac –
    That sounds like a pretty smart farmer to me. He identified a problem, contemplated a solution, and put that concept into action. I’m not sure where your idea of pumpkin pie carrot stew originated from, but I like it! If I saw that on a menu, I’d definitely order it. Thanks for participating in the 100WC!
    Keep on writing!
    Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC from Virginia

  2. Magnum opus! I love this clever use of words! Well done Isaac, you have been so motivated to write this term!

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