100 WC … the orange one spoke first… 12/3/21

The temple was absolutely amazing! It was full of Riches beyond your imagination and ancient writing full of history about their culture and much more but the thing that topped all of that was the Three statues that stood in the center of the temple, one was orange, another yellow and the last one was red. WHOOSH, the statues flew up into the air with an angry expression on their faces, the orange one spoke first “WHO DARES ENTER OUR TEMPLE” he shouted

“Um-Ummm me?” I stammered

“LEAVE BEFORE YOU PERISH,” Said the red one. I ran out of the entrance of the temple as fast as I could.

One thought on “100 WC … the orange one spoke first… 12/3/21”

  1. I am impressed with how well you have used commas correctly to identify the coloured statues. A quality piece of writing Matthew.

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