No, I Like Marmite

“No, he said, I like marmite”. These words flipped the entire competition upside down. I spent AGES trying to make my own jam for the MasterChef competition, but the judge loathed my jam. A tear rolled down my cheek. I spent YEARS getting to this moment, but  all the judge could say was  “Unfortunately, one cook will be leaving us today and that cook is…

I really hoped it wouldn’t be me but I didn’t have time to think as he was announcing it now. Here goes. Sadly, I was eliminated…

The marmite disgrace.

Marmite mm! deliciously slimy oh wait is not slimy oh well that’s what I thought well never mind Just another day at school minding my own business then as soon as I got out of class I heard this. “Did you hear about that new marmite guys? “Yeah it’s disgusting” “It’s too slimy,” oh so they think it’s slimy oh well I think I should talk to them. “hey! why do you think marmite disgusting huh” it’s too slimy it always falls out of my sandwich” No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite what am I doing oh this is a disgrace” “I think we should get out of here right guys” “oh yeah definitely” “yeah, we are gonna go yeah bye” “Oh, what did I do. This is the worst a really bad disgrace”   


100wc #26 Liam

 As I held up my ID card, I wondered what was wrong. The tinted glass opened with a hiss. My vision went red, lucky I was wearing my sunglasses. I shut my eyes still with the light piercing my eyes. At last the lights shut off. I opened my eyes. I took the lift to floor 100, four other people were in the lift with me. The door opened and what we saw was just wrong, what I thought I would see was a bunch of assassins attacking the boss. But No, he was sitting there, his face red. Staring at his peanut butter toast. “Where’s my marmite toast!” he shrieked. 

“ you said-”

“ No”, he said, ‘I Like Marmite!”

100wc week25

The statues of harmony


Raya woke up to the sound of Sunny snarling  at the birds. Dazed,she stumbled down the steps to make sure Sunny was not going to eat any of the singing birds. She had been living alone since her parents had been turned to stone.She walked to her parents statues and burst into hysterical tears when she had  dried her tears Sunny was   whining in the background Raya sofly murmured to Sunny we can do it we  will set this right. She looked at the magical scarecrow statue,she knew she could go inside but never come out until she had fixed the problem.  She had finally decided she would go in…tomorrow 


100wc#26 Finley

Hi, I’m the weird kid in school. My name is Basil, Basil fawlty.

A Lot of people in my school have weird names like: ford, broccoli, tennis, turkeyface and the school bully hero. You might think the hero should be the good guy but boy are you wrong, he is one of those kids who take people’s lunch money, gives people wedgies and is a goody two shoes around the teachers. But enough about him, let’s talk about marmite. She is the cutest girl in school, the other day hero said to me “hey loser go play with the nerds.” but i decided to say “no i like marmite,” what was i thinking?